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$ 3950.00 Includes the following

Air, Hotel, Breakfast, Dinner, Tips, Taxes, Transfer Fees

Cost of trip includes all expenses with the exception of personal items and lunch. We fly El Al Israel airlines direct from Newark to Tel Aviv, arriving at 6 AM so we have a full day when we land. Meals are served: Israeli breakfast and dinner. These are enormous buffet meals offering a broad selection of food.   During the day we will stop for lunch at different places. These are the only meals that are not covered. in the cost of the trip.


It is not uncommon for Israel trips to exclude from their offering tips for driver, guide, baggage handlers. and food servers.  Bridges for Peace journey's to the land includes tall of these expenses in order to make the trip more affordable . 

Personal items

Gifts, souvenirs and Judaica

In israel there are exciting and wonderful places to purchase personal items. But often, out of excitementtravelers purchase too soon. Because we visit many places., at  times people wished that had waited. To be sure , ask the leaders what other places are coming so you can make a satisfying purchase.

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