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Updated: Nov 20, 2020


Amid our chaotic times in America, your focus might determine your next step in this day.

This morning in my time with the Lord, I saw how wonderful this country still is despite what winds of change are blowing. Fears of many kinds abound, such as losing religious freedom. There is the fear of this new administration of its impact upon the Church. There is a wind of fear blowing simultaneously with these winds of change. Historically, this is not uncommon.

But allow me to share one snapshot of my time in the 3rd heaven when I experienced cardiac arrest in September of 2019. I saw the Lord sitting on His throne over the crystal firmament. As I looked down to earth, it was in chaos. But from above in heaven, it was peaceful. You see, God was in control—He had it! Everything was going according to His plan. Upon my return, I learned that God is far more controlling than we think, and we know far less than we think we know. My focus is different now.

To being with, fear is illusionary. The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. In other words, God's people are not people of fear. God's people empower fear when it does not have the power to catch a raindrop or tell which way the wind will blow. Fear causes paralysis to the Church and keeps her within her walls, making her afraid to go out because the voices that scream the loudest, are often those destined for eternal darkness. But behind their actions, and the volume of their voices, and the power of their marches, our power is the only power to change a heart, heal a mind, heal cancer, heal what man cannot.

Second, God showed me how wonderfully and powerfully His hand is still upon America. And it does not depend upon who is in the White House. The Church, the body of our Lord, operates independently of political discourse or legislation. History has well shown how independent the Church is from Political or military powers. The Underground Church in China. Yeshua said to Peter, , "the gates of hell[b] shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed[c] in heaven."

Third, America is still the greatest country on earth that dispatches thousands of missionaries working each day to proclaim the gospel. Thousands of houses of worship dot the landscape in every city of America. With the same rights the are given to LBGTQ to openly demonstrate, is the same power for me to proclaim the GOSPEL. One power is not greater or lesser. The purpose of the power is greater or lesser.One will alter someone's eternity, the other will be gone as a morning mist.

Fourth, I saw America with much to accomplish for God in the closing days, even though the walls seem at the time closing in and we have less freedom. But we have great freedom and large areas to roamfor the Kingdom as we are led.

I live in a country where I can walk in the morning, and in the public square, I can freely lift my hands in worship, and I do.

I live in a country where on my morning walks, when I feel the unction, I can bend my knee alongside the road to lift my hands to heaven, and I do.

I live in a country where I can engage in public discourse about eternity with young men as Mark in Whole Foods, who wears loneliness in his eyes because the Bible says your eyes are a window into your soul.

I live in a county where I can engage a young man in Home Depot who has the same loneliness in his eyes. I can stop someone where ever I am at any time when I sense that unction and share the secrets of eternal life or suffering, and I do. I can ask any individual in the open square if they would like prayer, and I do. And when I leave my home in the morning, I am never alone, my Lord Yeshua is at my side, and I am ready in season and out to do His bidding for a lost Sheep, And I do.

You see, this is not about me; it is about us. It is about the Kingdom, the very focus of our life. The Kingdom that is stronger, unbendable, its always the same and never changing in season and out. The same kingdom power that brought Yeshua two thousand years ago is the same power at our disposal today. Everything else is chasing after the wind.The Bible says to count our days; how will each day be counted in your life in the context of eternity.

Finally if the day should come in this great country where I can no longer publicly display my affection for the Lord, I willingly will go to jail for His sake. Or I might take my beautiful wife, and my grandson whose blue eyes are as blue as the sky, and at six is already my earthly hero, and with my daughters in tow, retreat to a mountain hideaway waiting for the Lord to call us home. But for now, I will continue to show public affection for my King. I will close my ear gate to conspiracy theories. Time is too valuable. I will keep my eyes wide open to the suffering around me. I will keep my heart tender towards the incredible death toll of the Covid-19. I will use my hands, my voice, and my heart for His glory. I will always thank the Lord each day for giving me back my life and the privilege of being in His Glory.

It changes your focus. Will you join me?

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