Within Metro Jewish Resources, we realize, if one desires to go fast, go alone. But if one desires to go far, one must have a team. The MJR growing team possesses diverse talents, and strengths working together to pioneer the calling of MJR. Mutual support, shared goals, cooperation, and encouragement seek to provide a kingdom synergy, to effectively formulate and implement the goals and objectives of MJR. We are thankful to the Lord for bringing individuals in sync with MJR's growing spheres of influence. 

Meet The Team

Rabbi Felix and Bonnie Halpern are Senior Directors of Metro Jewish Resources and Bridges for Peace. For over 2 decades they have pioneered a Messianic Congregation in North Jersey, pioneered the National Jewish Fellowship in the Assemblies of God, and has  proclaimed the truth of the One New Man. Felix serves as a Nationally Appointed Missionary, and is a Son of a Holocaust survivor. 

Rabbi Felix & Bonnie Halpern

Ed Nelson 

Ed Nelson is a Senior Advisor and serves on the Executive Leadership of Metro Jewish Resources and Bridges for Peace. He is the Secretary Treasurer of the South Carolina District of the Assemblies of God, founder of Belwhether Ministries, and is a long time teacher on Hebraic roots and Jewish Interpretive reasoning of the Bible.

Sal and Carol Miliziano

Sal and Carole are co-founders of Metro Jewish Resources. Business owners and entrepreneurs, they have a heart for the Jewish people and Israel and serves on the Executive leadership commitment helping steer  the direction of the work. They are also owners of a CHICK-fil-A restaurant in Delran, New Jersey.

Rabbi Myron Slobin

Rabbi Myron Slobin leads his own congregation and brings administrative skills to MJR. He works directly with Rabbi Felix in the implementations of MJR's goals and objectives.

   Rabbi Myron also serves as Missionary Associate. As a former worker for Jews for Jesus, he brings practical experience to the cause of MJR. 

Rabbi Cliff Maynard

South East US Director

Rabbi Cliff Maynard is congregations leader bringing a heart for evangelism. Serving as Messianic  Rabbi, Cliff is Jewish and carries the banner for Metro Jewish Resources, and Bridges For Peace in the Southern Districts of the United States. 

Dr. Jack Cairns

Director of Education 

Dr Jack Cairns is a Pastor and leader of a congregation in South Jersey. Receiving his Doctoral degree in Jewish studies, he brings solid instruction and teaching on Hebraic / Jewish studies. Dr. Jack Cairns participates regularly in the operations of MJR. 

Dr. Bonney Cassady

Director for Latin America

Rabbi Bonney Cassidy is a congregational planter and hebraic teacher, leading several congregations in Brazil. He carries the banner of Metro Jewish Resources in building a bridge between the church and the Jewish people. 

Pastor Alberto Torres

Pastor Alberto Torres has served in numerous leadership positions in the Spanish Eastern District. Serving as Pastor, he has a Pastors heart and brings the Heart of God to areas of counsel, leadership and dedication. He has a deep love for the Jewish people and Israel.

MJRM Workers

What Is An MJRM Worker?

MJRM worker is an MJR missionary working cross denominationally. Individuals as these are not under the Missionary program of the Assemblies of God, but following a period of service, training, and preparation they have the opportunity to become Missionary Associates or Nationally Appointed Missionaries in Jewish Ministry for the Assemblies of God. Often, however, MJRM workers can access avenues of opportunity that Missionary Associates with the Assemblies God cannot. 



Missionary for the Spanish Eastern District

Tina Mazziotta

Executive Assistant & Outreach Coordinator

John Mazziotta

Outreach & Church Relations

Joe and Marcy Kenny

Outreach Team





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