Mission Statement:

Metro Jewish Resources and its Bridges of Peace, teaches, equips and serves the body in restoring the right understanding between Jews and Gentiles, Judaism and Christianity, thereby, fostering a revival of a lost relationship that's been absent throughout Jewish and Christian History. This revival is integral to the salvation of the Jewish people. Romans 11:11 / Ephesians2& 3.

Expanded Vision:

To serve as a catalyst in the midst of an end-time revival of understanding, when increasingly, Gentile believers and Jews are discovering one another through Biblical understanding. As traditional historical and ecclesiastical walls are removed, the Love and Truth of Yeshua can be discovered in a new light. Through teaching, seminars, printed media, and in-depth immersions in Israel, MJR builds a bridge of understanding, exposing the historical roots of Antisemitism and such poisonous theologies as, Replacement Theology, Dispensationalism, and Allegorical Interpretive Reasoning. 

  • Foster meaningful and kingdom relationships between Christians and Jews in the United States, Israel, and where God provides Metro Jewish Resources spheres of influence. 

  • Teach and equip God's people to understand the symbiotic relationship between Jews and Gentiles, and aid the family of God in their discovery of the Jewish people and the biblical/Hebraic foundations of their Christian faith.

  • Help God's people to understand the power of Genesis 12:3, in being a blessing to the seed of Abraham, the Jewish people, through practical acts of love and respect. Volunteer service and prayer, as well as sharing in our material needs as given in Romans 15:26 is integral to our mission.

  • Declare God's biblical principles and perspectives, while declaring God's heart for Israel, the Church, and the Jewish people in the end times. 

  • Counter anti-Semitism in all of its forms while addressing poisonous theologies that have been propagated down through the millennia. Expand proclamation events in communities of faith to establish markers of truth and love for Israel and the Jewish people.



1 Dispatch from Jerusalem: Under its initiative, "Bridges for Peace" missions trips, intensive immersion into the land, individuals discover its culture, history and the Jewish foundation of New Covenant faith. Individuals return with deep impartation with the heart of God for the Jewish people, as well as a thorough understanding of Israel's political struggles, being surrounded on all sides by Arab neighbors.

2. Proclamation Events: In partnership with Churches, MJR Presents 7 Affirmations of Israel, important declarations, re-affirming the biblical basis for the God-given right for Israel to exist, and stand within its Biblical and Prophetic calling. Also, to affirm Jewish distinction and calling.  

3Bridge-Building Initiatives: MJR promotes  Christian-Jewish relationships through education, both on a local and regional level. Projects such as film series, Israel Awareness Programs, speakers and seminars, and sermons are offered.

4. Helping Others : Help others to learn in a practical way how to be a light of Messiah to the Jewish people, through hands-on outreach work to Jewish communities, as well as showing others the power of the One New Man through Bridges for Peace encounters.