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The person of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, His sufferings, prophesied humiliation. Finally, His exaltation is minutely described in Isaiah 53 and the blessings to all humankind from his death. 

Isaiah 53:1-3.

No where in all the Old Testament is it so plainly and fully prophesied that Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah, ought to suffer and then to enter into his glory, as in this chapter. To this day, this passage remains one of many central pillars in the qualifications of our Messiah. Here, the authentic and most important report of salvation through the Son of God is found. The low condition he submitted to, and his appearance in the world, were not agreeable to the ideas the Jews had formed of the Messiah. It was expected that he should come in pomp; instead of that, he grew up as a plant, silently and insensibly. He had nothing of the glory which one might have thought to meet with him. His whole life was not only humble as to outward condition but also sorrowful. Being made sin for us, he underwent the sentence sin had exposed us to. Carnal hearts see nothing in Him.


    In verses 4-9, an account of the Messiah's sufferings are seen and the design of his sufferings. It was for our sins!  He suffered in our stead as our Passover Lamb. We have all sinned and have come short of the glory of God. We have all gone our own way, the Bible says, our own evil way, and our sins deserve all griefs and sorrows, even the most severe.     But finally, we are saved from  ruin, to which by sin we became liable, by laying our sins on Him as the only One! This atonement was to be made for our sins. And this is the only way of salvation.  He was delivered to death for our offenses. By his sufferings, he purchased through His sacrifice and  grace off God, Gods compassion to save us from our sins. 

      Isaiah 53:10-12. Come, and see how Yeshua loved us! We could not put him in our stead, but he put himself. Thus he took away the sin of the world by taking it on himself. He made himself subject to death, which to us, is the wages of sin. Observe the graces and glories of his state of exaltation. Messiah will not commit the care of his family to any other. God’s purposes shall take effect through Him alone, and whatever is undertaken according to God’s pleasure shall prosper. God shall see it accomplished in the redemption of His people and all people who call upon Him for salvation.  He gave his life a ransom for us, so by faith, we are justified; thus, God is most glorified, free grace advanced, and our happiness secured.


    We must know him and believe in him, as one that bore our sins and saved us from sinking under the load by taking it upon himself. Sin and Satan, death and hell, the world and the flesh, are the enemies that have been conquered by our Messiah foretold coming and sacrifice.  When he led captivity captive, he received gifts for men to give men gifts. While we survey the sufferings of the Son of God, let us remember our long catalog of transgressions and consider him as suffering under a load of our guilt. Here is laid a firm foundation for every soul to rest upon.

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