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About Us

 Metro Jewish Resources serves to proclaim the Truth of Messiah to the Jewish people, Leading them into a life-giving faith and hope and Celebrating this new found life together. At the heart of our work is "Souls," and our mission could not be stated more simply than Yeshu'a words Himself: "For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. (Matthew 18:11).  With over two decades of Jewish ministry experience, Metro Jewish Resources operates through a growing network of partnerships, supported by a team helping facilitate the vision and call of Metro Jewish Resources. You may see us on the streets, in parking lots, where ever the Lord tells us to go--we go! 

Making A Difference

 In serving our three core values of Proclaiming, Leading, and Celebrating, an investment of time is made in leaders and individuals through relationship building and offering practical help and instruction in Jewish outreach. Since no other people, the Jewish people, or their city, Jerusalem, rests at the center of attention given our times, MJR also reaches out through "Bridges For Peace," journeys to Israel. These deeply spiritual journeys offer a deep immersion into Jewish culture and biblical prophecy.  Through the ministry of MJR, believers discover the lost link of the  Jewish foundation of New Covenant faith,   Judaism and Christianity, and the lost relationship between Jew and Gentile. These hold great sway over the message of the Messiah to the Jewish people as well as an understanding of our present and future on God's prophetic timetable.





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