A Unique Journey for Your Group


 For over two decades, Rabbi Felix and Bonnie have had the privilege of bringing people to the land of Israel to fulfill what is a right of passage for every Jewish person and Bible-believing Gentile. These are life-changing pilgrimages guaranteed to stand out from many other journeys to the Holy Land offered today. With deeply rooted connections in the land, accompanied by end-time teaching,  individuals receive a  love for the Jewish people and Israel. MJR  only employs Messianic believers as guides, those that have demonstrated excellence in their calling, Bridges For Peace delivers an extraordinary immersion in the land.  A Bridges for Peace Journey is not merely an offering for a Holy Land Tour, Trip, or experience.  Bridges for Peace Journeys can be summed up as follows: 

Encounters With God


Encounters with God: Many will have encounters with God. You will, as we say, be ambushed by God. You may hear a call to ministry or a confirmation of what God spoke to your heart back at home. You may receive healing, both physical or emotional. You will make long time companions and meet fellow patriots for the kingdom of God. All attending comes with a heart filled with hunger, excitement, and expectation.


Become a Gerim

 As a sojourner (Leviticus 24:22), we travel in the footsteps of the ancient gerim in the days of the Israelites, and like the Gentiles in ancient times,  the gentile of our modern-day sojourns to Israel with a love and curiosity of the land. They come with a desire to know and understand more of the Jewish people, and the land of the Bible, the foundation of our faith. These are called "gerim" in Leviticus 24:22. They were to be treated as equals as native Israelites. Therefore, the One New Man permeates these journeys.


   The Apostle Paul echoes this sentiment in the One New Man in Ephesians 2 & 3. The Gerim travelers reminded the Israelites that they, too, were once gerim, strangers when they were in Egypt ( Exodus 22:20;23:9). Even Abraham, who is commanded by God to become the first "oleh (immigrant) calling himself, ger-ve-toshav ( alien resident). One will encounter God, and receive deep impartation for love for the Jewish people and Israel, and return to the nations with an understanding of God's prophetic time table that we are on.  


Presence of God


The moment you land, you will sense the presence of God. You will join in a journey where you will sense the Holy Spirit accompanying you throughout. The prayers of the leadership behind Bridges for Peace Journey's are for God to carry us when our feet touch the land. Yet, every trip is carefully planned long in advance, and we make every effort to consider any unforeseen events.


Much value is given in Bridges for Peace) journeys for your investment. With years of contacts and proven hotels, agents, and sites, we work with key Israeli airline agents for El Al Israeli in the land. Every effort is made to provide the best experience, with the highest quality of service, at a competitive price. From the quality and selection of the food, the care is given on the trip, and the service of personnel in the land, it is a  journey into the land of the Messiah that will linger in your hearts and minds for years to come. 

 For all the reasons stated, Bridges For Peace is certainly not the most expensive trip offered, nor is it the lowest. It is highly competitive. In many cases, it is equal or close to other offerings. We only fly El Al, which is the safest airline in the industry. We take only direct flights from Newark Airport to Tel Aviv. We do not fly Turkish airlines to save money or impose layovers through the use of other airlines. We want our people to be ready to receive, enjoy, and take part in the land from the time we land.  We only use 4-5 star hotels and accommodations and strive for the first day in the land to be a low impact day following such a busy travel day.




Key Features & Experiences

  • Visit key biblical sites.

  • Guided by licensed and experienced Israeli guides ( 5th generation living in Jerusalem).

  • The 1st-century perspective is given to the understanding Christianity and your faith's Jewish roots.

  • Receive the understanding and transformation of the One New Man.

  • Learn the history of Christian  Anti-semitism and its impact upon the Jewish people and the  Shoah  (the Holocaust ). 

  • Understand the many layers of Zionism and what Genesis 12:3 really states.


  • Learn about the challenges between Israel and the historical /present Palestinian situation.

  • Gain a broad perspective of Israel’s diversity

      through various communities of faith. 


  • Gain an introduction in basic Hebrew from  Hebrew speaking leaders and those that liv  in the land. 

  • Understand the importance of praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Worship in the City of David; experience the presence of God throughout your entire journey.

  • Experience key 24/7 houses of prayer and  intercession and worship.