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The Lord placed before me a highway to Heaven and said, come up. I was brought into the 3rd Heaven, in my spirit, but it felt bodily and soul, immersed into reality above the earth. A voice said I want to show you what I am about to do. I am calling for a time of fear and panic, quaking, hearts of terror throughout the earth. Like an earthquake, many continents will be shaken, including North America. I felt especially an emphasis upon  the North East (New York and New Jersey.)

I was then at the foot of a large mountain in the heavenly. Glory shined about, as an angel was holding a silver trumpet. The voice said, the angel has been given the command to sound the trumpet to release a season of fear, trembling, panic, and quaking. Immediately I saw the Sea full of souls, and a net is filled with multitudes of fish. A voice said, “the time is at the end for a predetermined harvest—more harvests will come at my choosing.

Again, the angel on the top of the mountain holding a long trumpet will awaken the continents when the trumpet sounds, hearts quake with fear and panic. The foundations of man will be shaken. Many will awaken and stand up and look to Heaven. Know that many will suffer following fear and dread. It will be a quaking time and of shaking. 

 My people go into a time of hiding for a little while. "Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by," Isaiah 26:20. Norovirus is the contagion that has been allowed to release a spirit of fear, terror, and confusion. Shortly after, I was again in the Spirit and received a word regarding President Trump and our country. Throughout the vision, the number 26 was imprinted overhead.  The number 26 was uncertain to me at the time, so I  held it, but it was superimposed in my spirit and soul up until January as I began to consider further the meaning of the number 26.

Shortly after, the Lord retook me into the 3rd heaven and revealed how the Corona Virus could be stopped. President Trump was the key, of which a letter was sent to the President outlining 4 steps to be taken to halt this plague. But on March 13, when President Trump took what was a half measure of what the vision showed declaring a National Day of Prayer was, I immediately went into a seven day fast that was extended into a twelve-day fast because I was reminded of how God has worked in our lives through a pattern of twelve.  Immediately the next day, the virus turned ferocious. At the same time, I had an inner witness of the Lord that it would last for 26 weeks or 26 months from March 13, Erev Shabbat, when President Trump announced a National Day of Prayer on his Twitter account.  26 also weeks brings us to the day of 9/11/2001, 19 years ago. (See Word On Number 19 and 9/11)



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