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The soul cleanse came through an unforeseen circumstance that began in October of 2019, and became the most wonderful life-changing event second only to my encounter with Yeshua, and my marriage to my wife, both roughly forty-five years ago.

Due to a doctor's error on a prescription, along with a mistake from the pharmacy, I ingested 7 ½ months of medication in 29 days. This particular medication put my body in an acute toxic state for almost one month. In such high doses over such a short period can cause instant death, coma, or cardiac arrest. I went through the last one, cardiac arrest. 

While resting in my living room following a night of severe cardiac symptoms, and extreme discomfort, my heart stopped, and my spirit departed from my corporal shell. Instantly, I knew my circle of life had come to an end. For a brief time before ascending, my soul was suspended in the room, as an angel was holding it. Heaven's atmosphere had taken over immediately. I left the place where time departed, touching down in the dwelling place of the redeemed, and it was glorious and comforting. The holy city, that at times felt far and lost here on earth, is not lost at all. It is awaiting us. 

At first, I did not go directly to heaven but remained for a time in the spiritual realm. I felt caught in an intermediate place between Heaven and earth and I could I knew heaven was close. In the days and weeks following I visited the t the 3rd Heaven on more than one occasion. I also learned that God reveals the dimensions of heaven for the purposes of one’s return to complete their life’s mission. Some have experienced certain wonders of the eternal realm and others have not, but common to all is that one is never the same.


Some acknowledge that they can go to heaven and experience the glory and heavenly order when it seems that heaven calls. This is my experience as well.

One’s in-sight and perceptions are also keen. One has a sense of depth perception never experienced before.  I see details of trees and bark from a distance as if I had a pair binocular. Foods were brand new for the first three months. In my former life, I had a sensitivity to spicy foods, now no longer. Instantly, I stopped drinking coffee, not because coffee is a sin of course, but if I can only comprehend what God desires is for me to consume foods and beverages in harmony with my body. Perhaps it is because I feel like a new creation. On a more personal note, for the first two months I would be in a fetal position in the shower as I sensed a new birth throughout my being. I am entirely transformed back on earth.  


What I found in my time in heaven is that its atmosphere is charged with the purest of gold particles formed more in a pure fine golden hue. The pearly gates, as they call them, were made genuinely of pearl and Gold. Pearl is the "overcomers stone of adornment." For that reason, pearls are throughout Heaven. You see, everyone in Heaven had overcome by the blood of the lamb. They have overcome adversity on earth and received their glorious reward of crowns and pleasures of an eternal nature. The pearl there is so natural and perfect in-depth and beauty beyond the most valued of pearls on earth.

 In Heaven there are no prayer needs as we have them on earth. Traditional, earthly petitions have been replaced by intercession for those on earth. You see, all selfishness and preoccupation with self are gone. Petitions for those who remain on earth occupy the activity of the saints seen under the altar as they are lifting us up for the fires that we will endure.

 “And when the lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the soul of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony they had upheld. And they cried out in a loud voice, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, You judge those who live on the earth and avenge our blood ? “

(Revelation 6:9).

This the soul cleanse and being set free from the bondage of a transaction prayer life is aligning our life with the atmosphere in heaven. Let me say; it really works transforms us, and it is available to us.


In heaven, angels’ worship and adore our God day in and day out. Ministering angels descend through portals between Heaven and earth to aid the saints of God in times of trouble. I have seen these portals. 

I have seen angels on my side often since my return.  They really exist, and there is a myriad of angels as well as demons occupying the spiritual dimension of life. The fruits of the spirit that are found in Galatians, and that we desire through the Holy Spirit, abound to the highest degree. Those departed from this world, and arrive in Heaven, are cloaked with these character traits to the highest degree. Fine raiment of the brightest white adorns them. There is a joy in their eyes, although I did not see them in bodily form, only shadows, their eyes reminded me of the most in-depth ocean. I have since reminded myself that the “eye is a window into the soul” (Proverbs 30:7). Their eyes reflected the wholly redeemed state of one's being.

I saw the Messiah in a shadow. More clearly, I saw a staff in His hand. The center was of the purest crystal, and topped with a gold crown and gold adornments. His sash was of pure Gold. His robe was of the purest white. So bright in fact,  it was blinding, and I needed to cover my eyes. I find myself covering my eyes often now back in my body when going into the presence of God.  I also needed to cover my eyes when I saw a circle of the rim of fire surrounding the throne.

When I saw a shadow of the feet of our Lord at His footstool it stood over a sea of glass that separated the earthly realm from the heavenly. God could see everything. His eyes were like an eagle that can descend upon the most minute subject of His interest anywhere at any time. 

There were streets lined with Gold and pearl throughout. Swirling glory of Gold, sapphire, purple and blue, made up the canopy over our heavenly home. The most beautiful sunrise and sunset pale in comparison. 

Now upon my return, I enjoy the beauty around me in spite of the spiritual darkness and turmoil on the earth. I look upon the things that are unchanging and not the constant shifting of life. I see constancy and immovability of my Creator. I observe the many things that are as they have always been. What are they you might ask? 

They are the things that we have taken for granted. God’s unchanging Word, His Love, and Faithfulness. His majesty as seen in creation; the stars in the night sky that are arrayed in a God-given pattern. The Bible says that God named the stars. [1] The clouds in the day have always been as they will always be. They are not like man or our times. When you look up and marvel at them remember that the Son of Man will arrive upon them.[2] Recall, the clouds function as a veil over heaven.  When you look to the clouds picture heaven right above them.[3]

Can anyone understand the spreading of these beautiful puffy creations? Can we truly comprehend the fact that they have always been?[4] The patriarchs looked up to those same clouds as did Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You get the point. They as we marveled at them. In God’s creation, all things are as they have always been. Go out early and catch a glimpse of the rising sun and be there for its setting. Then from the largest to the smallest trees, haven’t they always sprung up out of the soil of the earth since the Garden of Eden. They still root itself in this God given substance packed with nutrients. When you observe them, you can recall the fact that we are as a tree planted by a stream of water. [5] Remember, God created them. His hand-print is upon everything. Focus upon constancy and stability not man’s instability.

As I noted earlier, I saw a circle of the rim of fire surrounding the throne. When I saw a shadow of the feet of our Lord at His footstool it stood over a sea of glass that separated the earthly realm from the heavenly. God could see everything. 

The throne of God shall always be and never end. His footstool rests upon the earth and is immovable. Yet, man’s greatest building tumble like dominoes at the sound of our Masters voice. God can level everything by a mere breath. But He doesn’t! He protects us as He has always done, and always will.

His Word is permanently fixed over the earth and placed in the heart of every man that calls Him Lord. 

My attempt in offering these words is to provide some further context for what is to follow. Perhaps your soul will reach for eternal things as you read, and stimulate your imagination for glories of your heavenly body to come. 

To reach for spiritual for a spiritual angle on life, particularly in this difficult season, we often need a reminder that Heaven is so real, and hell equally. We can forget in the management of our life that every living soul will either rise gloriously to Heaven as mine did, or  crash land in hell. 


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