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Five Blessings of After-Life!

Continued from FaceBook




2. Proclaiming the Truth. In the twinkling of an eye, my spirit departed. That spiritual door opened so suddenly that it shocked me to know that my circle of life had closed, and I entered the place where time departs.Is it here, I thought! I was also filled with a penetrating joy! The eternal realm can be described only as reverse gravity or having no gravity at all. For example, all objects on earth naturally pull down to the center of the planet. But when we cross over, everything rises to the heavens! Your spiritual body is light as air. But for those who do not know the Lord, everything is pulled lower and lower to the place of darkness and torment. This made me sad! Heaven forbid should we ever silence our tongue with the message of salvation.

   Today, God has placed within me a spirit for the highest order to take over people's lives. During this season, can you say that you still have a burden for the lost? You see, Yeshua was held in place by the tree that was appointed for Him, it was unbendable. One hundred men joining together could not take Him off, because it was appointed for our Messiah to die and rise from the dead so that you and I would receive life forever! We must have a renewed determination to proclaim the Truth!


3. Nurturing My Soul: In the beginning, I could only describe my soul as being suspended in the room. As an angel was holding my spiritual body I was lying down in the spiritual realm above my lifeless body on the couch. I felt the that the angel was ministering to my soul. Only now  I understand the purpose.The Lord showed me a multitude of Gods people wounded by the souls of man.Multitudes of God's people live with layers upon layers of hurts; these hurts are attached like barnacles on a ship. Then the Lord revealed how we were created as spirit, soul, and body, and how we can be free of these layers of hurt that are attached to our soul. But, we don’t have to die and come back to life to discover it!

I describe it this way: The Spirit is the command center, the soul is the brain center, and the body is the outward expression of the soul. Like God's people who are the outward expression of our Lord, our spirit, soul, and body function for the whole. God designed the soul to be liberated, to receive wings so that it’s free to follow the commands of the Spirit. I now live with what I call daylight between my spirit and soul. Many, who have had after death, or out of body experiences, testify to feeling the same. One day we all will! Care for your soul! Nurture your soul! Let it not have dominion over you.


4. I’m More Spiritually Minded:  While in the 3rd Heaven, I found the atmosphere charged with the purest of gold particles that formed the most refined beautiful golden hue. earl is everywhere because the pearl is the "over comers stone of adornment." The pearls there are unlike anything onI have ever seen on earth. I realized that everyone in Heaven had overcome by the blood of the lamb. All had overcome adversity on earth and received pleasures of an eternal nature. 

    Our loved ones, friends and family  that have preceded us are adorned with the purest white. Fine raiment of the brightest white adorns the resurrected saints. There is joy in their eyes! I only saw shadows of bodily form, but their eyes reminded me of the most in-depth oceans. Then I remembered that the "eye is a window into the soul" (Proverbs 30:7). Perhaps, the depth that I perceived is because they were fully redeemed, and therefore, they embodied the fullness of Truth. Even in our earthly life, our eyes don't lie; they're the windows to our souls. 

     Angels were worshipping and adoring God day in and day out. Ministering angels were descending through portals between Heaven and earth to aid the saints of God in times of trouble. I have seen these portals. Now that I am back in my physical body, I see angels on my side protecting me. There are myriad's of angels assigned to our sides in order to carry out God's work.

     As I stood on the banks of a river that flowed down into a central place, which I could not understand where it came from or its destination. But the water was as clear as crystal, which reflected off a radiance of blue, purple hue. On the banks of the river, I saw countless redeemed souls in white walking about with the most profound joy and peace. Everyone was in constant euphoria of the majesty, purity and the divine architecture surrounding him or her. 

    I saw the Messiah in a shadow. More clearly, I saw a staff in His hand. The center was of the purest crystal topped with a gold crown and gold adornments. His sash was of pure Gold, and His robe was of the purest white. So bright, it was blinding, and I needed to cover my eyes. I find myself covering my eyes now regularly when going into the presence of God. I had to cover my eyes when I saw the circle of the rim of fire surrounding the throne. With a shadow of the feet of our Lord at His footstool, it stood upon a sea of glass that separated the earthly realm from the heavenly. God could see everything. His eyes were like an eagle that can descend upon the minutest subject of His interest anywhere at any time. There were streets lined with gold and pearl throughout. Swirling glory of gold, sapphire, purple and blue, made up the canopy over our heavenly home. 

    Now upon my return, I enjoy the beauty around me in spite of the spiritual darkness and turmoil on the earth. I look upon the things that are unchanging. I see constancy and immovability of my Creator. I observe the things that are as they have always been. I live on earth more as an observer and listener.


5. I Appreciate God’s Creative Works! God's creative works surround us. They are the things that we have taken for granted. Things like God's unchanging Word, His Love, and Faithfulness. His majesty in creation, like the stars in the night sky that are arrayed in a God-given pattern. The Bible says that God named the stars. [1] The clouds in the day have always been as they will always be. When you look up and marvel at them remember that the Son of Man will arrive upon them! [2] 

Recall, the clouds function as a veil over Heaven. When you look to the clouds picture heaven right above them.[3] Can anyone understand the spreading of these beautiful puffy creations? The patriarchs looked up to those same clouds, as did Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In God's creation, all things are as they have always been. Go out early and catch a glimpse of the rising sun and return for its setting. Then from the largest to the smallest trees, haven't they always sprung up out of the soil, of the earth since the Garden of Eden? They root themselves in this substance packed with nutrients! When you observe the trees, recall the fact that we are as a tree planted by a stream of water. His handprint is upon everything. 

     My hope in offering these words is to encourage God's people too long for the deeper and more spiritual things of the Lord during this Holy time, let it stimulate your imagination for the glories of your heavenly body to come. Reach for a deeper spiritual hold on your life in this challenging season! Remember, Heaven is so real and beautiful beyond what our words can describe or imagine.


  [1] Psalm 147:4

[2] Matthew 26:4

[3] Psalm 147:8

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