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The Mishkan will undoubtedly leave an imprint of the divine upon us. Everything behind its construction is an intricate architecture born out of our Creator, God. It is also an extension of the heavenly Tabernacle. Like our Messiah two thousand years ago, the Mishkan descends to earth as the rarest of rare.


Who else could author such divine prophetic messages, then record them in an ancient script, and then etch them into a blueprint of such heavenly design?


It is wrought in a mosaic of letters and equations that all share a common spiritual DNA. They fit perfectly together with little room for subjectivity while conveying a message of hope, redemption, and grace throughout its entire design.  

In this study, you will have an introduction to the Torah code. Each chapter begins with a Hebrew letter to remind us of the important part of the divine design.

The structure and framework of the Mishkan is the first picture of Yeshua, which is brought together with an architecture comprised of materials such as beautiful fabric, precious metals of gold and silver, semiprecious metals of brass and copper, spices, human artistry, and artistry. It would teach everything about the New Covenant life upon our Messiah's coming two thousand years ago.

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