Today, with increasing attention on Israel and

                                   the Jewish people h tensions can arise.  Whether

                                   one is a Pastor of a church, or an individual

                                   blossoming with new understanding, the

                                   one truth that every one will contend with, is that

                                   God has not forsaken His people, the Jewish

                                   People, Israel or Jerusalem the City and place of the Messiah's future throne. This prompts enduring questions:  Why Israel? Why so much attention upon the Jewish people. 

    Proclamation events reinforce through public declaration the many powerful promises by God over Israel and the Jewish people.  Declarations are like memorial stones. Although they are not physical, what we proclaim with our mouths through Gods Word finds its way always into the natural material world.  Genesis 12:3 is the earliest and the most powerful examples of this; "Those that thee will be blessed, and those that curse thee will be cursed."