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     In researching anti-Semitism for this book, I have recovered a historical awareness of my own family’s past, which has elicited only a muted response in me for so long. This book is my duty to close the gap. Most immediately for myself. But also to honor the liberation movement of the Dutch Underground during Nazi-occupied Holland. I cannot fail to honor the many sacrifices of my grandparents who hid Jews in their homes during Nazi-occupied Holland. It required a devotion that called for action even on the part of the children.

     My Mother, a 16-year-old at the time, would pass through Nazi checkpoints disguised as a nurse in order to find more Dutch families willing to hide Jews. Imagine the risk posed each day, the dangers that were present to those who helped. In the aftermath of the war, it became plain that few were willing to endanger themselves, let alone risk the lives of their children and the entire family for the cause of the Jewish people. Most were unwilling to even speak out in a whisper. Praise God some of those who were hidden in my Grandparent' home during the war live today in Israel and enjoying their children and grandchildren.

   The many stories with their harrowing details as a young boy have revisited me. Stories of when the Gestapo arrested my Grandfather only for God’s miraculous provision of deliverance to follow. Though we are not dealing with the physical liberation of the Jewish people today, but their spiritual liberation, such personal stories have become an unexpected force in this work.

     Removed by only one generation from the horror of the Holocaust, I believe that such people as those mentioned are truly rare and are made to be soldiers. Fewer have in them the stuff of heroes! We certainly need more heroes today! Of these heroes, my mother writes in her book, The War Years: “They had the fortitude, nerves of steel and inner strength that most people only wish they had. It was almost as if they were militarily trained. In fact, they were militarily trained; only it was not any earthly army that trained them. In this case, God was the commander-in-chief who gave them the strength and courage to carry out and succeed in such life-threatening missions.”1

      In this work, my own ponderings of the Jewish people come into view. Particularly, as it pertains to two peoples; Jews and gentiles, who in history have been providentially linked. While satan has forever conspired to frustrate this providence, the relationship between the Jew and gentile has become an important marker of our prophetic time. Our goal then is to survey the broad landscape of God’s prophetic plan, regarding Israel and the Church, and its relevance to the Last Days that we are in. A landscape view aids us in this, as every chapter will hopefully prompt one to take a closer look. With new understanding emerging today, new opportunities for change are on the horizon. One such change could be to correct the historical circumstances in the Christian Church, which for centuries has limited Jewish calling and distinction.

    This being the first-gate kind of work, gates being symbolic of streams of new understanding, few areas are characterized as strongly by this notion of gates and streams, as the topics of study in this work.  

    Restoring the Ancient Paths takes one beyond the status quo and the religious mindset. Through it, one can begin to fortify one’s own step into the ancient paths. To summarize, since the Jewish people have had a central role in the birth of Christianity, I pray that the reader will discover an ancient treasure in our study, the people whom God calls His Chosen People—Felix Halpern.

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