It is a privilege to serve the body at such times

                                      when God is moving so powerfully upon the heart of

                                      the nations. Never in recent history have we witnessed

                                    such extraordinary potential being delivered to the

                                    front doors of God's people and their communities for

                                      the salvation of the Jewish people as today.

                                      With a growing hunger to understand the historical                                            missteps of early church fathers and the divergent                                       paths that Judaism took in its own early days, MJR joins the ranks of many works seeking to hold up the arms of leaders in bringing the light of Messiah into the hearts of Jewish people. 

    Serving Gatekeepers and their communities, MJR carries the heart of our greatest Jewish Leader that went before us, Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. His brief time on earth, He walked with them and equipped them to carry His message. For these reasons, Metro Jewish Resources Serves for the Glory of God for the end-time harvest of Jewish souls to the Messiah. MJR hosts such services as, Round Table Luncheons and Discussions, along with Pastors and Leaders Seminars. MJR exists to serve at the will of leaders, and groups for the increase of the end-time harvest of Jewish souls to the Messiah.






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