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The Encounter


The Encountr

The Time: FEB 8-17 / 2020

The Place: Jerusalem & Sea of Galilee.

Open only to 30 couples/

Join with Rabbi & Bonnie Halpern and other leaders on a Marriage Adventure on Valentines Day.

            Highlights of Messages

and Devotions


Men will learn the Lions Roar in

mens leadership in these end times.

Women will receive the Deborah

anointing for the end times.

Learning to go from  loss to mountain

sized vision with your partner.

Reinventing yourself  for a

Lasting Marriage.

Growing seasoned together

with a spark.

Living smaller is Living larger,

Smaller is more Power for Living.

Renew Your Wedding Vows

Valentine's Day

Jerusalem 2021

Receive His Blessing

Choose your special Scripture as it is spoken over you in Hebrew 

Worship Together on the Sea of Galillee



P person

Includes the following:

1. Round Trip direct flight from Newark Airport on El Al Airlines.

2. Hotels, food (Israeli Breakfast and Dinner), taxes, tips, transfer fees, all sites and activities.

3. Baptism in the Sea of Galilee or Jordan River.

4. Worship experience on the Sea of Galilee.

5. Speakers, Worship Times in the evenings.



1.  Bath in the mineral rich salt of the Dead Sea.

2.  Walk the streets of ancient cities as, Jerusalem, Safed,

     and Tiberius.

3.  Be water baptized in the Jordan River.

4.  Visit key Biblical sites.

5.  Experience worship on the Sea of Galilee in an

     ancient fishing boat.

6.  Visit world renowned chocolate factory on an Israeli


7.  Enjoy the world famous Jerusalem rose garden,

     ( Israel is one of the worlds leading producers of


8.  Visit and pray at the Wailing Wall and experience

     the  underground tunnel.

9.  Enjoy communion together in the Garden of

     Gethsemane / Visit the Garden Tomb / Have

     corporate prayer in the Upper Room / Visit the Tomb

      of David.

10. Renew your wedding vows at the site of the

      wedding of Cana.

11. Be refreshed in the springs of Engedi, an oasis in the

      wilderness.  David wrote Psalm 63, (Psalm of David)

      when he was in the  wilderness of Judah, sojourning

      in the desert. 

12. Walk the shores of the Sea of Galilee and watch the

      sun set on this beautiful place where Jesus walked

      and ministered to so many.

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