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A Jewish man blowing the Shofar (ram's horn), which is used to blow sounds on Rosh HaShana

"Welcome to Metro Jewish Resources: Reaching, Changing, and Growing Lives Through Proclaiming Yeshua as Lord" 

                                                                                                                                   Come and join us as we guide                                         God's people toward a profound                                     comprehension of Israel's.                                                ultimate  glory in the end times.                                         We are also dedicated to

                                    raising up strong warriors for the Kingdom during these final days. The present opportunities are unparalleled, and people's hearts, including the Jewish community long for truth more than ever.

   Metro Jewish Resources has been instructing and training leaders and laypeople through conference settings for many years. Additionally, MJR continues to host pilgrimages to Israel, witnessing the transformative power of the spirit that instills a deep connection to Zion and changes lives.

   Collaborating with Metro Jewish Resources and Freedom Ministries constitutes an action that plants seeds for the end times. This fosters enhanced understanding and amplifies effectiveness in an individual's life to become part of the end-time generation.

     Rabbi Felix and Bonnie exemplify end-time warriors with a John the Baptist anointing. Significant sacrifices and unwavering faith have marked their lives for over 45 years. Their journey is an inspiring testament to God's power, love, and provision. Their vision revolves around equipping others with these essential principles.

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Speaking Engagements

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