"The Time to Favor Her is Now, The Appointed Time Has Come."

Psalm 102:13

"The Time to Favor Her is Now, The Appointed Time Has Come."

Psalm 102:13

About Us

Established in 2014, Metro Jewish Resources is supported solely on the faithful giving of individuals and churches.  Given the hour of our times, the importance of the Jewish people and Israel in God's end-time plan, MJR brings two decades of Jewish ministry experience to the cause of Jewish ministry. Today, Metro Jewish Resources operates through dedicated individuals that have answered the call to labor and invest their lives towards this end-time Jewish revival. With MJM workers, (Metro Jewish Missionaries), AGMA (Assemblies of God Missionary Associates) or NAM (Nationally Appointed Missionary Representatives) and Emissaries, a growing network of partnerships and teamwork is being developed to facilitate the vision and call of Metro Jewish Resources.

Making A Difference

 Metro Jewish Resources makes a difference, by empowering God's people through Partnering, Equipping, and Serving. This involves an investment of time in leaders and individuals. Through relationship building with regional gate-keepers, practical instruction on Jewish outreach, and material by Metro Jewish Resources,  ministries receive practical instruction in Jewish evangelism. And since no other people, the Jewish people, or their land and city, Jerusalem, rests at the center of attention given our times, MJR reaches out through "Bridges For Peace" journeys to Israel.  Through the ministry of MJR, believers also discover the lost link of the  Jewish foundation of New Covenant faith, thereby revealing two histories,  Judaism and Christianity, and the lost relationship between Jew and Gentile. These hold great sway over the message of the Messiah to the Jewish people as well as an understanding of our present and future on God's prophetic time table. 


Getting Victory Over COVID/19

Story Title

Living in the atmosphere of heaven came from my own life and death experience in late 2019 due to a doctor's error. In this series, I relate my time in the spiritual dimension and the 3rd heaven. You will be introduced to the wonders of our God, the majesty of heaven, and the beauty of our Creator.


In the process, you will also discover what I call, "A Soul Cleanse"; how to get rid of the layers of life's disappointments and hurts; how to move away from transactional prayer life to one that is transformational. It will saturate your soul with God's Word, and the beauty and majesty of our Lord. It brings you to a higher atmosphere over and above even the COVID/19. 

Now Available ! Mysteries of the Mishkan

(the Tabernacle of Moses) Unraveling God's
divine architecture through the Torah Code.

Filled with illustrations, and explores God's Divine Intelligence behind the architecture of Moses Tabernacle.





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