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June 2-11, 2025

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Rabbi Felix & Bonnie

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  • Jerusalem Region

  • Old City, Israel Museum, Holocaust Museum, Mt. of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Garden Tomb, Holy Sepulcher, Temple Mount, Rabbi’s Tunnel, South Temple Wall Excavation, Western Wall, Hezekiah's Tunnel, City of David, Dead Sea, Masada, En Gedi, Qumran, New City of David excavations, the ancient town of Safed, and more...


  Total Cost: $ 4300.00, which includes;


  • Roundtrip airfare from Newark, N.J., to Tel Aviv. Israeli Breakfast and Dinner, including 4 & 5 STAR hotels, and all transportation while on tour. Entrance fees, guide fees, & tips are also included.

  • Galilee Region.

  • Sea of Galilee, Caesarea.

  • Capernaum, Bethesda, Tiberias.

  • Arbel Overlook, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Tabor, Caesarea Philippi, Ancient Dan, Golan Heights, Megiddo, Jezreel Valley, Gideon’s SpringsBet She'an, Jordan River baptism, Nimrod's Castle, Old Acco, the Grottos, and much more...

  • Beautiful hotels.

  • Food (Israeli breakfast and dinner.)

  • Night sessions of worship and teaching.

  • Luxury coach for entire 8 days.

  • All expenses for sites and activities (Baptism in the Jordan)

  • Wonderful farewell dinner at specially selected restaurant.


VISION OF TRIP: The vision for our journey to Israel in 2025 is, "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord." Teaching will be focused on end times, understanding prophecy, and knowing where we are on God's timetable. 

From the lively shores of Tel Aviv to the tranquil shores of the Dead Sea, Israel holds within it a rich tapestry of cultures, outdoor escapades, and a religious heritage set against a desert backdrop.

The Bridges for Peace Journeys provide an immersive experience encompassing all of these facets. Mainly centered around retracing the steps of Messiah, this journey offers profound insights into the end times, awakening a connection to the ancient wanderers and unveiling revelations about the Second Coming and the culmination of days.

This year, our focus turns to exploring ancient cities. We're introducing ancient Jaffa, Safed, and Tiberius, which promise to be the highlights of this expedition.

Despite its foundation as a Jewish homeland, Israel's religious sites attract not only Jewish visitors but also Christian and Muslim pilgrims. We'll delve into the sacred sites within Israel's pivotal spiritual centers, including Jerusalem, Safed, and Tiberius.


Our itinerary covers diverse locations such as Peter's ancestral home, the embarkation point of Jonah, the Lebanese cedars used in the construction of the Second and Third Temples, the revered burial site of John the Baptist, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Jordan River for Baptism, and even the Holocaust Museum.

What sets this journey apart from its predecessors? It's the focus on God's unwavering love for the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Additionally, we will delve into timeless inquiries, such as the rationale behind choosing the descendants of Abraham as bearers of the Gospel of Salvation to the world.

While Jerusalem often caters to the soul, let's not miss the incredible sensation of floating in the therapeutic mud and waters of the Dead Sea, an experience that lingers. Similarly, participating in a baptism ceremony in the Jordan River holds transformative potential for each individual.

Throughout our voyage, a sense of the divine will accompany us as we traverse landscapes, share meals, and form spiritual bonds akin to the ancient sojourners of Israelite days. Through this odyssey, you'll attain a profound comprehension of the Jewish people, their land, and their customs.


Furthermore, you'll uncover the profound connection depicted in the "One New Man" doctrine, emphasizing familial unity and completeness, as articulated by Paul in Ephesians 2 and 3. This year's expedition will transport us to the elevated realms of the City of David and the historically significant landscapes, truly a pilgrimage to the High Places.

    * Every Evening we have fellowship, teaching and sharing.

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