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     JUNE, 2025
             June 2-11

Bridges For Peace

A 10 Incredible Day Journey 

As We Sojourn to The  City of David

Investment: $ 4300.00


  1. Non-stop flight from Newark Airport to Tel Aviv via El Al Airlines.

  2. Comfortable accommodations in 4-5 star hotels.

  3. All-inclusive package covering gratuities, service charges, transfers, taxes, and tips for drivers, guides, and hotel staff.

  4. Comprehensive coverage of site entrance fees.

  5. Daily Israeli breakfast and dinner provided.

  6. Concluding evening meal in Tel Aviv by the Mediterranean.

  7. Accompanied by an officially licensed guide who is a believer in the Messianic faith.

  8. Enriching Teaching and Study Sessions: a. Exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. b. Delving into the Hebraic Roots Revival. c. Gaining insights into the prophecy of the Last Days. d. Introduction to the Hebrew language. e. Illuminating ways to be a light among the Jewish People.

  9. Inspirational teaching and worship sessions held nightly.

  10. Stroll along the tranquil shores of the Sea of Galilee.

  11. Participate in a profound Baptism ceremony within the Jordan River.

  12. Experience worship amidst the serene ambiance of the Sea of Galilee.

  13. Opportunity to visit the Shofar factory and purchase shofars directly from the source.

3 New Cities Added for 2025

Bridges For Peace


  1. Accident and health insurance are not part of the package. The cost is $65.00 per person for the entire trip and will be invoiced separately.

  2. Initial deposits of $150.00 per person are fully refundable until May of 2024. These deposits will be applied as a credit toward the total trip cost.

  3. The remaining balance must be settled in full by the third week of [Month] in [Year].


Metro Jewish Resources assumes no responsibility for expired passports or delayed renewals, as well as for original government-issued documents. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in obtaining or renewing passports. It is recommended to contact the US Department of State, your local passport office, or other relevant services for guidance.


Please note that we cannot provide reimbursement if passports are not obtained in a timely manner for renewals. In such cases, EL Al and hotel services in the destination are non-refundable.


a. Airlines charge a fee of $150.00 for necessary corrections to expired or inaccurately detailed passports.

  1. Requests for refunds can only be considered until April 1st, 2025, as all expenses related to airlines and on-land arrangements will have been settled by that point

Special Note:

  • The trip investment covers all expenses related to accommodations on 4-5 star hotels and includes a non-stop flight on El AL Airlines departing from Newark Airport.

    • The flight arrangement ensures no stopovers.

    • The flight schedule is designed to optimize your investment by providing a full day in the destination on the first day of the trip.

  • Our chosen hotels boast a 4-5 star rating, offering established quality service and delightful cuisine.

  • Participants will receive a personalized pilgrimage certificate from the Israeli Board of Tourism.

  • The package incorporates a meaningful Baptism ceremony in the Jordan River, accompanied by a certificate to commemorate this profound experience.

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