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Star of David -relief on facade of synag


Amid the growing recognition of the Jewish origins of the New Covenant faith and the unity of both Jewish and Gentile believers, indicative of our present era, there is a divine influence inspiring nations to embrace the Jewish people and Israel. In this context, MJR assumes a significant role. The Metropolitan Regions (Metro Regions) within the United States offer exceptional prospects due to their status as the primary Jewish hubs in the country. Specifically, the New York Metro region, hosting an approximate 3 million Jewish residents, stands as the second-largest concentration of Jewish population beyond Israel. Thus, it is only fitting for MJR to establish a presence here.

In 2019, we received a divine message indicating that the Lord was guiding us to establish a presence in Israel. Following two recent visits, the latest being a dedicated prayer mission, MJR solidified its connection to Jerusalem, laying the foundation for a center that directly bridges the New York Metro Region with Israel. Our objective, however, remains straightforward: to Equip, Partner, and Serve local leaders and their communities, empowering individuals and groups to spread the message of the Messiah's love.    


      Concurrently, we delve into understanding the historical context of antisemitism and the historical persecution of Jews within the Christian Church. MJR's teachings encompass God's deep affection for His firstborn, along with the covenantal assurances bestowed upon them. This knowledge empowers the dissemination of truth with greater impact and insight, aligning with the fulfillment of Romans 11:11, which emphasizes that Gentile salvation aims to ignite a sense of longing in the Jewish community. Presented below is our comprehensive approach to contributing to the ultimate mission of bringing Jewish individuals to their Messiah during these concluding days












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