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    When MJR has the opportunity to empower people and communities, influence is afforded them to lead in God's power and influence. Successful pastors understand this important principle. Being able to delegate authority and empower other people to lead in proclaiming the Truth of Messiah to Jewish people is an invaluable investment, with potential and kingdom dividends that only the Lord of the harvest knows.


    Two decades of business experience, followed by two decades of Pastoring, I hold tightly to the words of John C. Maxwell who said, “your goal, in the beginning, should be to hand over relatively small, simple tasks to the people you wish to empower and progressively increase the responsibility and authority." MJR seeks to transfer this principle to our partner churches and ministries. We set carefully crafted steps tailored to the individual Jewish community. We believe that empowerment leads to success, that leads to the kingdom advancing in the field of Jewish witness and outreach. 

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