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1. ELIGIBILITY: The MJR Israel Tour is limited to adults age 18 and older. Children 16 yrs and older may participate when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. At least one parent for each child under 18 is required on tour, and each child must submit an application signed by the parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted (no exceptions). 

2. AVAILABILITY: The MJR Promised Land Tour is limited to 60 travelers. Your place on tour is assigned based on availability when we receive your application and deposit payment. We regret we cannot hold a place on tour without a completed application and deposit payment. 

3. WAITING LISTS: If the tour is sold out when we receive your application and deposit, you may elect to be placed on the tour waiting list by marking the appropriate box on your application form. Waiting list applications also require a deposit payment, which is fully refundable for as long as you remain on the waiting list. MJR maintains separate waiting lists for individuals and couples traveling together, and openings are filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis according to the date we receive applications.


Should a place on tour become available, you will be automatically added to the tour. At that time, your deposit payment will become subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policy. Any installment payments due must be received within 10 days, or you will be removed from the tour. Applications that do not clear the waiting list before March  1, 2022, will be contacted, and arrangements made for a refund to be made. 

4. HEALTH & FITNESS CONSIDERATIONS: Be advised that the MJR Israel tour requires a level of physical exertion, including walking unaided on hills, stairs, and uneven ground at certain ancient sites. Temperatures ranging  85-90 oF (360C). Additionally, you may encounter crowded, confined, or high places. If you have doubts about your ability to meet the physical demands of touring Israel, please contact us before submitting your application, and you must notify us of any pre-existing medical conditions when submitting your application.

5. TRAVEL PROTECTION: MJR strongly recommends all tour participants purchase a travel insurance plan to protect against travel interruptions, lost luggage, emergency evacuation/repatriation, and medical emergencies while on tour. 

6. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: MJR  is not responsible for providing travel documents for entry to Israel. It is the sole responsibility of each traveler to obtain all necessary travel documentation, including passports and visas, as required by Israeli law.


American citizens traveling from the United States generally do not need to obtain a visa in advance of travel. Travelers originating outside the United States may be subject to other visa requirements. Please contact the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for specific visa information ( Please note that Israeli immigration requires that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond your departure date from Israel. 

7. GROUP FLIGHT: If you participate in the group flight departing from EWR (Newark), MJR will purchase your airline ticket on your behalf using the name you provided on your application. Travelers are responsible for ensuring the name provided on the tour application exactly matches the traveler's travel documents (including spelling).


Any corrections required after ticketing (including minor spelling corrections) may incur a change fee. VBVMI is not responsible for a denial of boarding by airport authorities or carrier due to a name discrepancy. When you receive your airline ticketing confirmation (approximately 60 days before departure), MJR will select your preferred seat assignment. Travelers with frequent flyer status on United Airlines may also update their reservation with a frequent flyer number or request an upgrade at that time. 

8. UNEXPECTED TOUR INTERRUPTIONS: Unforeseen circumstances in Israel including (but not limited to) international border closings, widespread outbreaks of disease, civil unrest, government changes, airline schedule changes and/or cancellations, inclement weather, holiday declarations, road or site closures, vehicle malfunction, visitor congestion, or other reasons may force last-minute changes to our tour itinerary or even result in a cancellation of the tour.


If a scheduled tour stop is canceled or if touring is suspended for a day, your tour guide will make reasonable efforts to offer alternative attractions within the time allowed. If the MJR Group Flight or the MJR  tour guide are barred from entering Israel or if our tour group is prevented from touring while in Israel for longer than two (2) days, MJR will cancel the tour and offer refunds subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policy dictated by the airlines and hotels. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect against such unlikely contingencies. 


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