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Once you arrive in the Holy Land, ensure you're prepared and comfortable. Our ultimate goal for every person is to bring one over headpiece and a carry-on shoulder bag. This avoids all wait time at the luggage area and allows the entire to move quickly. ( See El Al Luggage Requirements).

Three months before departure...

  • Build stamina by walking every day

  • Break in hiking shoes/boots

  • Begin reading about Israel and study the Scriptures of God's promises to Israel.

One month before departure...

  • Create a personal packing list

  • Buy all supplies and apparel

  • Start the habit of keeping a journal

One week before departure...

  • Ask friends and family for prayer.

  • Begin the process of packing

  • Ensure you have your passport, insurance documents, charging adapter, and any necessities you require to travel outside the United States.

Tips from frequent travelers.

  • Wear hiking socks over liner socks if you get blisters or foot odor.

  • Bring a pair of old sneakers or light-weight water sandals with a strap

  • Zip-lock plastic bags are helpful for a wide variety of travel needs

  • Take photos selectively and keep a journal describing each photo

  • Prepare each evening for the next day. Five minutes early is on time!

  • Drinking the water in Israel is no problem.

  • Data-only plans from Talk-n-Save allow Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangout.

  • Drink small amounts of water and eat snacks all day to keep your energy up


Need to plug things in? You'll need to bring a three-prong European-style 220-volt adapter. Remember, an adapter is not the same as a converter.

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