Once you arrive in the Holy Land you'll have a lot of ground to cover, so to ensure that you're prepared, comfortable, and informed.  Offered below are basic guidelines, but as a rule can you walk comfortably at least 2 miles on uneven terrain ? 

3 months prior to departure...

  • Build stamina by walking everyday

  • Break in hiking shoes/boots

  • Begin reading about Israel and study the Scriptures of God's promises to Israel.

1 month prior to departure...

  • Create a personal packing list

  • Buy all supplies and apparel

  • Start the habit keeping a journal

1 week prior to departure...

  • Ask friends and family for prayer

  • Begin the process of packing

  • Ensure you have your passport, insurance documents, and charging adapter, and any necessities you require traveling outside of the United States.

Tips from frequent travelers.

  • If you get blisters or foot odor, wear hiking socks over liner socks.

  • Look for dry fit /wicking features for all socks, shirts, and undergarments

  • Bring a pair of old sneakers or light-weight water sandals with a strap

  • Zip-lock plastic bags are useful for a wide variety of travel needs

  • Take photos selectively and keep a journal describing each photo

  • Prepare each evening for the next day. Five minutes early is on time!

  • Drinking the water in Israel is no problem.

  • Data-only plans from Talk-n-Save allow Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangout

  • Drink small amounts of water and eat snacks all day to keep energy up

How much and how many should I pack? 

Because of the nature of international group travel, your best option for doing your laundry is using your hotel sink or bathtub. So, consider how many days your Study Tour is and how many times you’ll be able to do laundry. Laundry is most easily done at hotels where you’ll be staying for at least two nights. This allows you to do laundry the first evening and hang your clothes to dry around your hotel room throughout the next day. It’s best to pack enough for 3-4 days and plan on doing laundry at least once.


Need to plug things in?  You'll need to bring a three prong European style 220 volt adapter. Remember, an adapter is not the same as a converter.