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Felix & Bonnie Bio

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Felix Halpern was born in 1952 in the Netherlands, and during his early years, his family migrated to the United States, settling in Northern New Jersey. Before devoting himself to ministry full-time, he built a successful career in the precious metals and diamond industries in New York City's International Diamond Center. Immersed in Orthodox and Hassidic Jewish communities for nearly two decades, he gained deep insight into Jewish culture and beliefs, rooted in his own heritage of resistance against Nazi oppression.

Raised in a family rich in Judaism, Felix's background reflects resilience. His paternal grandfather served as an Orthodox rabbi in Germany, while his maternal grandparents played crucial roles in resisting Hitler's regime in the Netherlands. It was within this environment that Felix's father, hidden among fellow Jews, discovered his faith in the Messiah.

Responding to a divine call and a desire for spiritual restoration, Felix Halpern left his role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a multinational corporation to pursue a path of faith, relying entirely on God's provision. Over more than a decade, he and his family experienced God's faithfulness firsthand, rekindling their connection to their Jewish heritage, which now defines their lives.

Today, Felix Halpern is engaged in international ministry, focusing on reconciling Jewish and Gentile communities and spreading God's love globally. He is committed to reestablishing Jewish roots within the context of New Covenant faith, with a special emphasis on Israel's significance. His leadership includes founding the National Jewish Fellowship within the Assemblies of God and establishing a Resource Office for Jewish Ministry in the Greater New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area. As a nationally appointed missionary, Felix has been pivotal in these efforts. Alongside his wife Bonnie, he co-founded Beth Chofesh (House of Freedom), a Messianic Congregation, where they served as senior leaders for two decades.

Bonnie Halpern, Felix's wife, was born in 1956 in Brooklyn and shares his pioneering spirit. Raised in a traditional Jewish home, her journey to faith was marked by supernatural encounters with her Messiah during adolescence. Today, Bonnie ministers within and beyond the faith community, sharing her story with both Jews and non-Jews alike. She is also a devoted mother and offers coaching in various areas including household management, financial planning, parenting, and nutrition. Known for her speaking prowess, Bonnie empowers women to embrace their callings and maintains a focus on physical and spiritual health, offering practical guidance for believers.

Together, Felix and Bonnie Halpern have been married for over four decades and have raised two daughters who are deeply committed to their faith. Tara practices medicine, while Heather is married and works as a freelance writer.


The Halperns reside in New Jersey.Their family history, including accounts from Felix's father and Rabbi Halpern's paternal grandfather, has been documented in films and books. Steven Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation Institute recorded Felix's father's survival story for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum library, depicting an Orthodox Jewish boy's escape from Nazi Germany and finding refuge with the Dutch underground. Similarly, Rabbi Halpern's maternal family's resistance against the Nazis is chronicled in the book "Memoirs of the War Years: The Netherlands, 1940–1945: A Christian Perspective," authored by his mother, Susan Stroomenbergh-Halpern. In recognition of their bravery, Rabbi Halpern's mother and maternal grandparents were honored as "Righteous Among the Nations" at a ceremony held at the Israeli Embassy in New York in 1997.

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