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Felix & Bonnie Bio

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Felix Halpern was born in 1952 in the Netherlands. As a child, his family immigrated to the United States, where he was raised in the Northern New Jersey area. Before full-time ministry, he established a lucrative career in the precious metals and diamond industries in the International Diamond Center of New.

                                                                         York City. There immersed for nearly two decades in the

                                                                         Orthodox and Hassidic Jewish communities. He understands well

                                                                         the heart of the Jewish people.  Coming from a rich Jewish

                                                                         heritage himself, it is one that is also rooted in Nazi resistance.

                                                                          Rabbi Halpern’s paternal Grandfather was an Orthodox rabbi and

                                                                          leader of his own synagogue in  Germany, and his maternal

                                                                         Grandparents  established one of the many underground

                                                                          resistance movements against Hitler throughout the

                                                                         Netherlands. It is also where his Father received the knowledge

                                                                         and understanding His Messiah while being hidden with other


                                                                             In obedience to the Lord’s call and restoration, Felix

                                                                         immediately resigned his position as Vice President of Sales and

                                                                        Marketing for a multimillion-dollar international company, and embarked upon a life of faith and complete dependency on the Lord’s provision. With over a decade of God’s sufficiency and provision, their lives testify to the wonderful faithfulness of God, as well as the Lord’s restoration of his Jewish heritage that characterizes his life and family today. 

Ministry Today 

Today, Felix Halpern ministers internationally with a message of restoration between Jew and Gentile and a strong burden to bring the Father’s Love to the nations while ministering on restoring the Jewish roots of New Covenant faith with a strong emphasis on the election of Israel. Over the last decade, he pioneered the efforts to establish the first National Jewish Fellowship of the Assemblies of God and has served the first four years as its President. He has also served as a General Presbyter for the Assemblies of God, on the AG Board of Ethnicity, and also on the board of Lost Lamb Evangelistic Association. In 2014  he established the first Resource Office for Jewish Ministry within the Assemblies of God in the Greater New York and New Jersey Metropolitan region. Felix Halpern serves as a nationally appointed missionary to the Jewish people. For twenty years, he and his wife Bonnie served as Senior leaders of a Messianic Congregation that they founded, Beth Chofesh (House of Freedom. 

Bonnie Halpern 

Bonnie Halpern, his wife, was born in 1956 in Brooklyn and is a fellow pioneer. Growing up in a traditional Jewish home, Bonnie searched for God throughout her adolescent years and had many supernatural encounters with her Messiah. Her faith journey is the basis of a powerful testimony today, as she ministers in and out of the body, sharing her testimony to Jew and gentile alike. A dedicated and successful mother of two young women, Bonnie also coaches women in household disciplines, finances, organizational skills, parenting, and nutrition. Bonnie is a highly gifted speaker that brings to the body of Messiah a firm calling to release women into a Deborah anointing. She also ministers and teaches as a Nutritional Consultant, educating and training the body on the “Keys to Physical and Spiritual Health.” Bonnie continually demonstrates her passion for maintaining the physical health of the body, as well as teaching practical and easy methods for helping believers maintain their “temples.” 

Felix and Bonnie Halpern have been happily married for over forty years and have raised two daughters who love the Lord. Tara practices Medicine, and Heather is married and works as a freelance writer regularly for various publications. The Halpern’s reside in the New Jersey area. 


The USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, established by Steven Spielberg, taped a story for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum library that included his father and Rabbi Halpern’s grandfather's testimony Orthodox Jewish rabbi of a synagogue in Germany. Spielberg’s film shares his father’s story—one of survival as an Orthodox Jewish boy escaping Nazi-occupied Germany who found himself in the hands of the Dutch underground to save him. The film is a poignant picture that testifies to the millions of Jews whose lives were forever altered, generations that were blighted from history.
Rabbi Halpern’s maternal side claims a heritage of resistance 
against the Nazis. The story is chronicled in a book authored by his mother, Susan Stroomenbergh-Halpern, titled Memoirs of the War Years: The Netherlands, 1940–1945: A Christian Perspective. It is the story of a Dutch family’s valiant efforts to launch a resistance movement against the Nazis on behalf of the Jewish people. On December 22, 1997, those efforts were recognized at the Righteous Among the Nations ceremony held at the Israeli Embassy in New York by Consul General Colette Avital. Rabbi Halpern’s mother and maternal grandparents received medals and documents to memorialize their sacrifices. 

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