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THANKSGIVING MEDITATION: The Blessing of our Hands!!

Giving Thanks For The Obvious and Forgotten things:

I find myself appreciating the things that we so often take for granted in my new life, and they are all around us. You see, it’s easy to give thanks for the obvious, but what about the things we forgot about. Something that we take for granted. I speak here of only one; our God given hands.

Consider. We use our hands so much that we never think about it. At birth, a child clings to its mothers’ breast while feeding. A newborn child uses the strength of its hands as early as a month or two to push themselves over and then later to pull themselves to their feet.

Hands are mentioned over 400 times in the Scripture, and rightfully so, they are our weapons of warfare. The hand is seen taking hold of the plow as the Lord tells us to not look back (Luke 9:62 ). We are following in the laying on of hands to heal the sick; (Mark 16:18). Our hands hold firmly to the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God; (Ephesians 6:17). We clasp our hands together in prayer to our King ( Acts 2:46). We join our hands together in the bond of faith and fellowship (Ephesians 4:3). We lay our hands-on people’s heads to bless them (I Timothy 5:22). Our hands are trained for war (Psalm 18:34). Our hands are used to gesture a gentile hello, or reverence to God in a praise and worship service. Hands build or destroy, compliment or insult, heal or even hurt, build up or tear down, hold a shofar to our lips to bring down walls of obstruction.

What are you using your hands for?

I am amazed by how The Lord God is the creator of this human frame and all within. And our soul, mind, and Spirit will feed on the quality of how we express ourselves and even how to use our physical abilities for good. Imagine the importance of our eyes for His glory. Consider the sounds that enter our ear gate; joy, laughter, and even sorrow. Or our feet that are shod with the Gospel of Peace. Finally, the joy of having our knees that have been given to kneel before our Maker.

Let us be thankful for life as well as death that holds no fear in Messiah.

Let us put our hands together in prayer for the 250,000+ individuals that died from the Covid-19 whose families have been ripped like a fabric torn apart, never to be restored; empty chairs at Thanksgiving; broken dreams; shattered lives.

Could we use our hands to be a blessing this year?

Could we take our God-given abilities and bless a hurting soul this year?

Let us use our hands and feet for good this year as never before!!

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