Bridges For Peace Makes a Difference.


Our Journeys to Israel and the City of David, follow in the steps of the ancient sojourners, and in the heart of Ruth that said to Naomi, "Your God shall be my God,  your people shall be my people." This is what gives Bridges For Peace its distinction. One will encounter God in the spirit of Ruth, leaving ones life changed. You will receive deep impartation for a love for the Jewish people and Israel, and you will return to the nations understanding God's prophetic time table that we are on.  From the  moment you land you will sense the presence of God. You will join in a journey where you will sense the Holy Spirit accompanying us throughout. You will not not return the same!!

Bridges For Peace Journey

JUNE 2022

Includes all expenses; Air, 4 & 5 Star Hotels, Breakfast, Dinner, Sites, Taxes, Tips, and Transfers.

Married Couples Reboot


Enjoy a romantic and passionate immersion in the land of Israel. Special work-shops on Marriage, special sites, and renewal of vows over looking the City of David. 

Student Journey into Israel & the Bible

August 4-14 2021

An adventure through the land, history, and culture of the Bible.. Geared toward 18 - 28 years old